A new member to the digital family or Who wins? Apple IPad versus Microsoft Surface Pro

surface-vs-ipadI remember vividly standing in an Apple shop in Toronto, Canada, four years ago, finally hugging my new ipad and being completely happy. For years I had been waiting for this, a computer that needed neiter keyboard nor stylus. In this state of happiness I remained for the following 12 or so month, checking out one app after the other, playing around with games, surfing the internet, watching videos. Quite a few apps I tested under a professional perspective, trying to optimize my work life, but getting more and more disappointed, because in all the thousands of apps the app store offered there seemed to be nothing that really met my expectations.

For another 12 months I used my ipad frequently, having stopped playing games completely due to being over saturated, but trying out databases, creating and giving presentations, maintaining my schedules. The uneasy feeling that despite the plentitude of apps there was, simply nothing was what I was looking for, grew. Finally, well in my third year of possession, I understood the ipad to be a nice and smart thing, but just not for professional needs.

From the moment I aquired the new iphone6 last September I have hardly touched my ipad at all, and at last decided to go for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. And now, at long last, I honestly have the impression that I have found my holy grail, the touch device that does work for my business life.

In the four weeks to come I would like to tell you about my experiences, comparing the two devices with regard to…

  • Application and Use Cases: IOS vs. Windows.
  • Application and Use Cases: Organizing and managing a business life with the iPad and the Surface Pro 3
  • Application and Use Cases: Producing Music/DJing with the iPad and the Surface Pro 3
  • Conclusion, recommendations, and final thoughts

Stay tuned!

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