Do websites really sell? TEDx Talk and a few selling and advertising misunderstandings

What a stupid question a few of you might think. You are buying products booking holiday trips and closing deals in the Internet. That is some sort of selling, or not? To answer this question we have to switch to the off-line world, the world of real sales talks. Which connotations do you have when thinking about sellers and shop assistants? People who were hiding behind the desk and your entering the shop. Then you’re lucky because you have all the time to walk around and compare the offerings. Sometimes you’ll find in the shop people bothering you while walking around in the shop with questions like how can I help you, what can I do for you, etc. okay I see you’re familiar with these guys and you know what comes next when you say yes I have a question. These people start to talk a lot and then trying to impose you to buy something you do not really want or need.

Fortunately there are other types of sellers. They try to help you finding the right solution to solve your problems and/or fulfilled all your desires. Finding the right solution means that you’re still happy with it after using the product for a few years. Years ago I bought a road bicycle and I’m still happy when using it. The sales man was really competent and we found the right solution for me. Did you make a similar experience? Then you’re really lucky. From my perspective selling has a lot to do with listenting, putting yourself in your customer’s position, and understanding your customer’s needs.

The same with advertising and with online advertising and homepage programming. When looking at the results, i have always my favourite saying in mind: many people think, they are advertising experts because they saw one slot on TV. And: advertising ist playing with colorful images and silly words. No! Advertising has a lot to do with understanding your customer’s needs and putting yourself in your customer’s position: where in the decision process is he/she right now, whitch information is required, how can you help him to make the right decision. How to apply that knowledge? See you on Saturday.

I’ll present most of the topis in detail on saturday during my TEDx Talk, but you’ll find 100% of the content in my new book – „Marketing 4.0 How to sell and advertise in the internet era“.  Stay tuned.

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