Refresh the iTunes library – a simple powershell script.

What is the most annoying iTunes feature? ITunes doesn’t refresh automatically the ID tags of the audio files. In might not be interesting for the average user, because if you using just one MacBook/PC and iTunes only, you usually change all the ID tags within one program. But I work with iTunes, mixed in key, and TRAKTOR, my DJing software. TRAKTOR and „mixed in key“ update and change the ID tags of the files but you don’t see the changes immediately in iTunes. Yes, it is an annoying feature or another interpretation is: it is annoying, how the Apple programmers handle that issue, they do nothing. When you’re searching the Internet you will find a few scripts for the MacBook to update the ID tags. Very helpful, because you don’t have to buy shareware or other programs. But what about the PC? Yesterday – when feeding Google with the two keywords powershell and iTunes – I found two interesting pages:

  • Page 1:
  • Page 2:
  • Page 3:

Today I spend one hour writing a powershell script and here is the solution for all PC users:

powershell script for refreshing itunes playlists

The script plays every song of the current playlist for five seconds, that’s the only trick. Have fun with it and don’t buy shareware.

Stay tuned.

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