Hey structured DJ, where is your spirit?

DJing and MarketingThat’s the right time to say sorry. Last year I promised you to write a few articles about DJing and marketing. Unfortunately I was so busy during the last few months of 2015, especially with my new teaching project (music production with Ableton Live), that I didn’t have enough time for these articles.

Now the good News. The most important outcome of that subject is the structure behind DJing and music production. I developed a concept for my students to make their search for the right musical focus a bit easier. When discussing these concepts with the students, an interesting question arised: if you apply these methodologies, where is the spirit? My answer was really simple: if you don’t have the right spirit, you don’t need a methodology. If you have the right spirit, the right methodology helps you to reduce the amount of „trial-and-error-cycles“. Stay tuned.

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