Hey DJ, do you want to be famous in an overcrowded business? Part three, Joseph Capriati in the Matrix

Capriati - Positioning MatrixThe focus of this weeks´analysis of positioning strategy will be Joseph Capriati. „The Gallery“ is one of my favorites, the perfect pick for setting the peak in your life set: reduced to pure rythm, a few sharp and aggressive synthesizer sounds, pushing and fast paced.

If you listen to his other tracks you will find many of them to be fairly similar to „The Gallery“, i.e. pretty aggressive. Referring to our matrix this means he has aquired a clearly defined position (left upper side of matrix).

On the other hand – have you ever listened to his remix of Pan Pots „Fugitives“? It´s much softer, by far less fast paced. Are we to see the developing of a new Joseph Capriati? Well, the only way to know that answer is to speak to the man himself, other than that – no way to know his plans for the future.

Anyway, getting back to our focus, the advantages of a clear positioning are at hand: you are recognizable, and people who want your specific „style“ (either for enjoying it themselves or for organizing events for others who do) will come to you. On the other hand, the number of techno fans that love your style will be the more limited, the more sharply defined your position is. So adding a few other sounds, i.e. moving a bit right or left in our positioning matrix, might be a good idea.

Which brings us back to Joseph Capriati. Adding some pads and vocals to his -normally- rather aggressive sound might indeed be a useful road to take, but this specific track, „Fugitives“, is taking it too far: this is no longer a recognizable Capriati track! How about a little more punchy kick drum?

You want more examples? And how to use that instrument to differentiate yourself from competitors? Stay tuned and listen to the Gallery!

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