DJing, management, and marketing – what is your big plan?

djing big picture traktorA few weeks ago I promised you a bunch of exciting articles on these three major topics.But before we start to dive into the details, I´d like to give you an overview of the process as a whole. It´s a simple one, but it holds lots of useful ideas and success factors in those four boxes being:


This is about how to find your focus as a DJ/producer, about distinguishing yourself from all your competitors with regard to tracks, sets and your whole exciting image.


The Standard competencies are pretty much well known to every DJ and producer: how to operate your controllers, work with effects and synthesizers, how to find cool tracks and create great sets etc. But there´s a lot more to it, like developing a competitive marketing strategy to communicate your capabilities, building up your own successful brand name and the whole complex of selling and sales as a DJ.


Though GAP analysis is among the most well-known management tools, it is very often misunderstood and applied poorly. This topic is for you to get straight on your priorities, and the actions and activities leading you to your goals. In other words: Stop dreaming about your career, go and get one!


Nearly every DJ I know spends a lot of time after a gig musing about his or her performance, were the transistions fine and the crowd happy? But what about all the other issues I mentioned so far, how can they be analyzed? This is neither difficult nor complex as I will show you with a few simple aproaches, thus making your path to the hall of fame a short and straight one.

Stay tuned!

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