Hey DJ, do you want to be famous in an overcrowded business? Part one

DJing and MarketingWhen you’re imagining your future career you are full of ideas, you want it all and now, and you see endless possibilities! Your aim is to stage as often as possible, maybe you’re planning events, and you are getting familiar with your DAW.

But, sooner or later, you will very likely come to the point you’re feeling stressed by too many activities, and unhappy with an output not fully satisfying. Still so much to do, so little time! Not to mention all those younger guys, competitors waiting for THEIR chance…

Going back to the 80’s, the entire music business was completely different: House Music was scarcely invented, and DJ’s and producers were creating a new market. Audience was fed up with Disco and craving a new dance music style. A dream situation! How very different today: when you go on soundcloud or mixcloud, DJs and their sets/tracks count by the thousands, many of them creating very similar sound. Just because they give no thoughts on how to differentiate their style from all the others!

Quite often these potential future stars are just helpless and feel it’s too difficult, they have no idea how to make themselves unique. This is a challenge that many a big company has faced thanks to globalization, and they have developed some very interesting ways out of it. Why not look at these aproaches and learn how to adapt them for DJing/producing Business?

Part two following, stay tuned!

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