Personal Branding: Coaching. Part 3

In the last blog post we talked a lot about the work of art and the (self-)presentation. It is important for you as an artist not to get lost in your own doing, but to open your own world and story. Precisely on this path I want to help you and give you ideas as well as the following Coaching. 

Staying interesting and attractive 

We already mentioned the topic of uniqueness, because that’s what makes you distinctive and not replaceable. You are exceptional and unique with your mix of characteristics and talents, and it is precisely this individuality that you can share with others – your fans and your audience – to engage and inspire them. That’s why it’s so important to market authentically, credibly and honestly – just the way you are. 

For this reason, it can be of great help to regularly ask for feedback and opinions from your environment and your circle of acquaintances. This will give you an honest external image and a different perspective/interpretation of your public perception. This is also a step towards staying relevant. 

You as a producer and your work are the focus of marketing. An active and target-oriented work can therefore promote your image enormously. You can use a wide variety of content to communicate with your target group.

To sum it up, this process consists of proactive and purposeful action towards your target audience and the public.

Write your own story

Maybe it seems like you can’t even handle the requirements. But all that matters is your goal, your passion! The way you approach, interpret and present things, you have your very own mix, your individual content and style. Be encouraged and continue to do so. Show the others who and what passion, what fire is inside you!

We all have the potential to get a little better every day. And that’s what should motivate you – everyone is on their way to know themselves better and to change – to grow and thereby get the best out of yourself.

Stay tuned. 

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