Personal Branding: Coaching. Part 4

The last topic dealt with the challenge of not only being attractive and appealing to the target group in the short term and on an ad-hoc basis, but also paying attention to one’s community/target group in the long term and being interesting and appealing at the same time. This last post is to round up the input on the topic of personal branding for visual arts and musicians once.

In the coaching you will find further and above all very practical and detailed information that will give you an even deeper insight and through which you will be personally challenged to tackle the creation of the marketing of your person and to handle it yourself. The aim is to get to know yourself – to be able to classify your personality in order to develop your personal brand based on your insights and to extract it from you. 

Knowing your personality is the first step to success 

Knowing your personality, being able to name and describe it, and above all knowing how to use it or bring it to the surface in a targeted manner and in the right place, is already half the story. Because personality is about our own character traits, qualities and peculiarities, some of which we can develop and acquire throughout our lives. At which moments and in which places can these be combined and used in a purposeful way? To be able to answer these questions, click into the coaching and register – without obligation and free of charge.


As a short conclusion, we would like to go back to the topics touched in order to give a brief overview and to summarize the key points. First of all, it was about the fact that the own personal brand is becoming more and more important nowadays and therefore the requirements are increasing. Personal branding is about presenting oneself, one’s strengths and thus giving the ‘audience’ the opportunity to be inspired and captivated. What is your passion and how do you want to be perceived by others from the outside? All these answers to those questions take time – your brand and identity you can thus (within a certain framework) further expand, develop and thus consolidate. This process is worth an adventure! And the most important thing: stay yourself, stay authentic – just completely individual. 

The representative study results of last year’s 2021 survey can also be helpful. In this context, the focus was on the target group’s perception of the artist.

As the description and title of the series of topics and during the blog posts repeatedly advertised, you have the opportunity to sign up for a free coaching. This explores the individual topics in more depth and guides you through the process of finding your own personality as well as the creation and creation of your own personal brand. You will have the opportunity to enroll and sign up for the tutorial and will be guided to answer the following questions for yourself: 

  • What skills do you want to build on and expand? 
  • What components make up your personality?
  • How and in what way do you want to promote your personal brand?

Journey and get involved in defining and developing your own brand.

Stay tuned.

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Personal Branding: Coaching. Part 3

In the last blog post we talked a lot about the work of art and the (self-)presentation. It is important for you as an artist not to get lost in your own doing, but to open your own world and story. Precisely on this path I want to help you and give you ideas as well as the following Coaching. 

Staying interesting and attractive 

We already mentioned the topic of uniqueness, because that’s what makes you distinctive and not replaceable. You are exceptional and unique with your mix of characteristics and talents, and it is precisely this individuality that you can share with others – your fans and your audience – to engage and inspire them. That’s why it’s so important to market authentically, credibly and honestly – just the way you are. 

For this reason, it can be of great help to regularly ask for feedback and opinions from your environment and your circle of acquaintances. This will give you an honest external image and a different perspective/interpretation of your public perception. This is also a step towards staying relevant. 

You as a producer and your work are the focus of marketing. An active and target-oriented work can therefore promote your image enormously. You can use a wide variety of content to communicate with your target group.

To sum it up, this process consists of proactive and purposeful action towards your target audience and the public.

Write your own story

Maybe it seems like you can’t even handle the requirements. But all that matters is your goal, your passion! The way you approach, interpret and present things, you have your very own mix, your individual content and style. Be encouraged and continue to do so. Show the others who and what passion, what fire is inside you!

We all have the potential to get a little better every day. And that’s what should motivate you – everyone is on their way to know themselves better and to change – to grow and thereby get the best out of yourself.

Stay tuned. 

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Personal Branding: Coaching. Part 2

In the previous blog post, we looked at what defines your personality. Every artist has his own style and yet is part of a large community. That’s why it’s very important to know which style you’re going for, and at the same time to be authentic and put your personality in focus. Be inspired by the blog and the coaching.

Central to all this is the idea of distancing yourself from being irrelevant and replaceable, and instead striving for or achieving an active and purposeful design of the public’s perception of you. 

To every good work of art also belongs an artist 

Art is something impressive and multifaceted, art is not a utility item. On the market, one usually needs to promote all consumer goods but the works of an artist should have the potential to be expressive. Knowing this, a work of an artist not only has a purpose, but can be interpreted and appreciated and used individually. 

If you can achieve that your work triggers not only interest but also desire, you will attract or win your audience for you and your way of expression. 

How do you express your personality? Let me tell you again – it’s important that despite all the apparent ‘requirements’ for artists, you put your own character in the spotlight and thus manage to inspire your own followers – just in your own individual way. The results of the study conducted in 2021 also indicate that the artistic work itself (is considered desired content on Instagram), is in the first place – the passion. 

What does your target group want to see?

Often artists are very much preoccupied/concerned with themselves and their own productions through the creation and through the constant examination of their own work. Often artists are very much preoccupied with themselves and their own productions through the creation and through the constant examination of their own work. But this world of thought needs to be opened up more and more to the audience and become permeable. This includes, among other things, sharing one’s own career and the process of creation – letting one’s own target audience participate in the journey.

If you manage to make your world, your experiences and your path perceptible to others, you will be a decisive step ahead of your peers and many other artists. Take a step into the change of perspective to be able to understand yourself how others perceive you.

Stay tuned. 

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Personal Branding: Coaching

For way too long, going out to party and feeling the music together was a dream that seemed far in the future and always brought up old memories. But slowly, we as artists are able to step back into the starting gates and share our mixtapes with the dancing crowd. Corona has especially hit artists, but slowly the possibilities are opening up again. 

In today’s blog, I’d like to share with you some practical tips based on study results from last year and get you excited about a coaching on the topic of personal branding for visual artists. 

Why is it no longer possible without personal branding? 

Whether it’s a job interview or convincing others of your idea, you should be aware of what makes you unique. How do you stand out from the crowd? And here we are in the middle of the topic…

Although we are often taught to just go with the flow and adapt or fit in, today’s market is more about sticking out while authentically bringing your personality to the forefront. The trick in doing so is to present yourself without bending over backwards.

Without self-marketing, you won’t get far these days, because with the help of personal branding, your own values and euphoria become tangible and approachable.

Where do I start?

Which archetype can you identify with and which puzzle pieces of your personality do you want to shine through? You can make a difference and have the potential to inspire others with your positive attitude and dynamism. 

And as they say: “Step by step”. It only gets exciting when the artist can’t be seen through directly but keeps revealing new traits.

Personal branding is more than building your own website or social media presence. Many artists get lost in self-promotion or have a difficulty in connecting the work with their own character. 

What does your target audience actually expect and how can they be inspired – who do you want to reach? More about these questions at the next blog post and the upcoming coaching…

Stay tuned. 

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